I have changed paths and now have  new online home!


It is even more luscious and I love it! It also means that I will not be posting here any longer.

Thank you so much for visiting and I do hope you will check out the new place and have a look around.

In luscious gratitude,



There are days when you feel, at best, a minor character in the story of your life. Circumstances beyond your control take over and push you to the sidelines where you watch and wait and pray for better times.

There are days when you are sure you are the villain. Doing, thinking, being, every single way that is wrong and hurtful.

You are scared. Cowardly. Mean. Deceptive.


And yet,

You are never, can never, be anything but the Heroine Goddess of your life.

While there will be events and trickster alter egos that mess with your assumptions of how it is suppose the be, you are always the strongest force in your life.

Your adventure in this world can never be overtaken. This is essential truth.

Your heart creates your life rhythm. It sparks the fire that casts warmth into the corners of your doubts and light into your hidden darkness.

Time dances in your favor, bringing you partner upon partner from a world of ultimate possibilities.

Your desires and dreams ever conspire to see in what way you will take your rightful place on the throne of your own becoming. The glorious, only for you, place of honor in the temple that is your life.

Here is the obvious truth only hidden when you assume you have been banished from your temple:

What you long for will bring you Home. It will guide you precisely where you most want to be, bringing you intimately present in all that is.

Here you will find Bliss.

Heroine Goddess,

Crave your life.


Then let yourself dive ever deeper into fullness until you can no longer be contained and must burst forth into new form.

It is an illusion that you are sidelined, a lie that you are villainous in your life.

Remember your temple. Take your throne. Glory in the miracle of your radiance.

Find yourself here.


Trying to create beauty and inspiration from a place of fear and guilt does not work.

But boy, oh boy do I try!

Trust me, it doesn’t end well.

August Break 2012


My imagination took this path in the road today

Back to my 6-year old self on camping trips in the wild

Finding things to climb over, exploring a world of trees and leaves and frogs

There is no bigger success than the first time you find your own way across a stream

Tentatively stepping rock by rock, landing safe and dry on the other side with a whole new world to explore

August Break 2012


The bonus to cleaning out the pantry this afternoon?

Finding two boxes of cherry Jell-O  in the way, way back.

There are some childhood comforts that are too sacred to give up, I don’t care what  current nutritional dogma preaches.

August Break 2012


My reminder to slow down- bees buzzing on sumflowers in the library garden.

August Break 2012


This week has turned me inside out.

Nothing in particular and everything at the same time. There has been a buildup of stuff, big and small and all of a sudden life was feeling like it was just too much.

So I hit reset. And by that I mean sinking into a mega marathon of Avatar:  The Last Airbender.

Yup, this 49 year old watched all 3 seasons of a cartoon in a few days. Not much else got attention.

And you know what? It totally worked. I feel renewed and myself again.

I needed to take a break and let the power of good storytelling do its magic.

What story is wanting to work its magic on you?

August Break 2012